Military Bible Stick

Hope for our Heroes …
The story of the Military BibleStick

donate-headerRetired chaplain Steve Sexton served his country — and served our Troops — for years.

In the prolonged war on terror that began after 9/11, he noticed the Troops were serving multiple deployments in incredibly stressful conditions — always too exhausted to read — and only able to attend church every two weeks if a chaplain was available.

They were in desperate need of hope, peace, comfort, and encouragement.

Through his church’s Bible listening program, he discovered the original white BibleStick created by Faith Comes By Hearing and contacted the ministry. Together, they began distributing it to chaplains and Troops …

Every BibleStick was so eagerly accepted that the ministry immediately began retooling the BibleStick in matte black with a dimmer power light for security in low light situations.

With the partnership of friends like you, the Military BibleStick was created, specifically designed for our deployed military men and women.

We’ve also made the Audio Bible available for each service member’s spouse and kids back home, so the entire family could be blessed listening to God’s Word, even though apart.

“The Military BibleStick is there to minister to the Troops 24/7,” Steve says today. “The leadership at combat school say it’s a chaplain in a box.”

Today more than 570,000 Troops have received hope from God’s Word on Military BibleSticks. Steve’s goal is that every member of our military who wants one will be able to receive one.

It takes just $25 to provide a Military BibleStick. Please be an answer to prayer for our Troops — and provide real hope for our heroes.

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