Military Bible Stick

Hope for Our Heroes!

The Military BibleStick speaks God’s peace, comfort, and hope to Troops who are serving multiple deployments, far from home, and living under extreme and life-threatening conditions day in and day out!

You are the answer to one of our heroes’ prayers. She’s been on duty for 36 hours straight, working under intense pressure in an extreme environment.

When she finally drops into her bunk, she’s too keyed up to sleep … but thanks to you, she can put in her ear buds, press the play button, and listen to the voice of Jesus through the digital player pre-loaded with a New Testament recording.

For a few minutes, this protector of our nation and defender of our freedoms can let her guard down … and let God’s love and encouragement wash over her.

When you send the Military BibleStick, you send hope for our heroes.

Give a Military BibleStick to one of our U.S. Military heroes — just $25 provides a Military BibleStick.

Be an answer to prayer for our Troops — Provide real hope for our heroes!

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