Military Bible Stick

Hope for Our Heroes

Life-changing impact of Military BibleSticks

Our servicemen and women are thousands of miles from home, often with no way to communicate with their families … and under intense, life-or-death pressure.

God’s Word in audio is their key to experiencing His love and hope at just the moment they need it.

Chaplains distribute and use Military BibleSticks — digital players pre-loaded with recordings of the Audio Drama New Testament and specially selected Psalms — in pre-deployment briefings, counseling sessions, Bible studies, weekly chapels, and other spiritual services.

Over 1,000,000 U.S. Troops and veterans have already received one. What kind of impact have they made?

“The Military BibleStick gives me peace of mind to know daily that God loves me and has me in His care as well as my family and friends.”

— Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army


“Through listening and prayer I can keep my sanity.”

— Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army


“The Military BibleStick helps keep me calm and self-controlled. It gives me hope.”

— Petty Officer 2nd Class, U.S. Navy


“It fills my mind with the Word of God during off times. How refreshing!”

— Sergeant, U.S. Air Force


“It allows me to carry the Word of God with me; continuing my walk in Christ.”

— Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force


“I always had a problem reading every night. Now I can listen to the Word.”

— Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army


“The Military BibleStick has been instrumental in my addiction recovery. It was given to me while I was in treatment and has encouraged me ever since.”

— Captain, U.S. Army


“It helped me get closer to God. I thought I had lost Him, but He found me”

— Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army.


“I have taken my BibleStick on a 120-day temporary duty to help relieve the stress and learn more of the Bible.”

— Chief Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force.