Military Bible Stick

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God’s Word — Just in time!

You might never be called to stand on the “front lines” of battle … or to leave your home and family to secure the future of our nation.

But you can reach out and honor the ones who do by placing God’s Word in the hands of our brave fighting men and women!

Chaplain Lane wrote us recently to say …

“The two hours of pre-combat checks and inspections is a great time for me to mingle with the soldiers. It’s usually about 15 soldiers at a time, and as they prepare to “roll out” they have a lot on their hearts and minds. Emotions are high.

I ask them simple questions, ‘How did your last mission go?’ ‘How’s your mom doing?’ ‘Do you like being gunner in the scout vehicle?’ It’s a great chance for open dialogue and to connect and build relationships.

It is also during this time I am able to give out Military BibleSticks — God’s Word when it is needed most! Thanks for providing the Military BibleStick.”

Our Troops need to be at their best — especially in the wake of the tragic Paris terror attacks. Today, you can give them the focus, peace, and assurance they need by arming them with the most powerful weapon: God’s Word!

Currently, more U.S. troops are being deployed to the Middle East, and with your help we can get Military BibleSticks to every U.S. Troop in this area.

Just $25 gets this specially-designed digital player into the hands of one Military man or woman. Today, you can provide DOUBLE the hope for these heroes. Thanks to a generous friend of our ministry who has offered a $100,000 Matching Challenge, any gift you give up to the challenge total will be doubled.

So $25 provides two Military BibleSticks; $100 provides eight.

Right now we invite you to give a generous tax-deductible donation to provide a Military BibleStick — hope for our heroes when they need it most. Thank you so much!