Military Bible Stick


You’ve made a difference in John’s  life …

With the POWER of God’s Word!

One of our nation’s heroes  wrote us recently to say …

“I am currently deployed in Afghanistan, and I cannot say enough about how great the Military BibleStick is.

I use it to receive the Word of God when I cannot physically be in church, and when I get free moments during the day.

Because I can receive the Word at my pace, and replay it when I have difficulty or need to hear it a second time to really get it, my faith and devotion continues to grow with every minute I listen to the BibleStick.

The BibleStick has helped re-energize my faith and given me the knowledge and confidence to share the Word with my family when I get home. Thank you!”

Hope.  Peace.  Comfort.  Strength.

Your help in providing Military BibleSticks is making a difference in the lives of our Troops at home and around the world, even as they serve in harm’s way.

Right now we invite you to give another generous tax-deductible donation to help send Military BibleSticks –hope for our heroes.  Thank you so much!