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They work long hours in extreme environments — some have served multiple deployments in perilous situations day in and day out.

Sign your letter of support and encouragement for our Troops, and we’ll deliver it to an American hero to let them know you care — and you’re praying for them!

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How important is the Military BibleStick to our Troops? Consider the pressure —constant threat of danger.

Listen to a sample from the Military BibleStick for yourself and see what a difference this specially-designed digital player for the military can make!

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Delivering Hope for Our Heroes

I was stuck in Ranger school and very depressed. Your product gave me hope in a very dark time. I listened to it every night before I went to sleep, and was inspired to wake up every morning. Thanks.

​I do read my Bible. But when I listen to the Military BibleStick, it’s like I am there, actually hearing the words of Jesus. Thank you so very much!

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